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At Families Empowered, we believe parents have power, and that, when given accurate information paired with opportunity, parents will use everything in their power to provide for the best for their children.


In Houston, there are over 100 charter school districts, each with their own application process and deadlines – some even have separate application processes for each campus.


National School Choice Week

01/17/2018 10:12:40 PM

During NSCW, schools, homeschool groups, organizations and individuals plan tens of thousands of independent events.   These celebratory events raise public awareness of the different K-12 education options available to children and families, while spotlighting the benefits of school choice. NSCW recognizes all K-12 options, including traditional public schools, public […]


It's Primetime.

09/28/2017 10:32:39 AM

Now is the time to apply and plan for the 2018-2019 school year.

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Hurricane Harvey Resources

09/14/2017 6:06:00 AM

Hurricane Harvey left a devastating impact on the families of southeast Texas. We’ve collected available resources for parents in one place. Here’s what you need to know about Harvey recovery.


Advocating For Others

09/14/2017 8:11:01 AM

Read the story of one parent who continues to remain active in the school choice movement.


Summer intern Gustavo shares his experience helping families at Families Empowered.


This summer, opportunity is calling.

09/14/2017 8:59:10 AM

Read Andres’ story about extensively navigating the school marketplace.


Meet Our Interns!

09/14/2017 9:34:14 AM

Our Summer Communications Interns make our mission-driven work possible. Get to know our awesome summer team!


Our search for a perfect public school and how we found the best fit.


Asientos Disponibles

04/24/2018 6:07:23 PM

¿Está buscando un lugar para su estudiante para el año escolar 2016-2017? ¡Families Empowered pueden ayudar!

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Open Seat Update

04/04/2018 11:42:42 AM

Are you looking for a spot for your student for the 2017/2018 school year? Families Empowered can help!


Attending our Houston School Connection Fair? See the list of registered schools!


Over 26,000 students are waiting, according to a Families Empowered analysis of the combined waitlists of four public charter school networks in Houston.


Finding A Better Fit

09/14/2017 12:10:22 PM

Read the story of one parent looking for school options


Back-to-School for Parents

09/14/2017 12:20:13 PM

In August, the kids head back to school for another year of learning. How can you support their success?


Ready to start an application?

09/15/2017 3:11:41 AM

Start a school application during the School Connection Fair


Explore openings in HISD’s magnet programs with our interactive map:


Over 32,000 students are waiting, according to a Families Empowered analysis of the combined waitlists of three public charter school networks in Houston.

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Become an FE Communications Intern!

09/15/2017 3:46:05 AM

Do you know a talented charter school alumni? We’re now recruiting for our paid summer communications internship. Find out more!


#FlashbackFriday: Intern Highlight

09/15/2017 4:39:08 AM

Our Summer Communications Intern make our mission-driven work possible. Catch up with some of our past teammates.


The rally, organized by the Texas Charter Schools Association, served to demonstrate the positive impact school choice and public charter schools are having in the lives of Texans.

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Attracted to an HISD magnet school?

09/15/2017 5:29:26 AM

Phase 1 applications are due December 18.

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Families Empowered hosts at least three School Connection Fairs each year, to connect families to schools with open seats.

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At our December 9, 2014 School Connection Fair, we met over 200 parents and students looking for school options in Houston. Those parents gave up their evening to learn about school options in a crowded high-school gymnasium. They were seeking what comes natural for all parents: ways to provide the best possible education for their child

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Families Empowered has released new data, which illustrates the scale of Houston’s waitlist problem: more than 30,000 students in Houston were placed on a waitlist for a seat at a high-performing charter school for the 2014/2015 school year.

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In response to a growing demand for School Connection Fairs, Families Empowered held their first-ever January event on Saturday, January 24, 2015. Three hundred guests gave up their Saturday morning to meet with the over 120 schools that were represented at the fair.

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Families Empowered Founder and Executive Director, Colleen Dippel, spoke with education reporter Ericka Mellon to share tips for parents engaging in school choice. Read more of the interview, and the accompanying School Report Card section, here.

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“At KIPP Northeast, we will live five values: Gratitude, Responsibility, Excellence, Ambition, and Tenacity; we will be GREAT.”

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Students, parents, teachers, and community leaders from across the Lone Star State will head to the capitol in Austin to celebrate opportunity in education on Friday, January 29.

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Introducing Genesis!

09/18/2017 3:18:51 AM

Genesis Rios is our Communications Intern Supervisor for the summer. Her passion for non-profits and education makes her an important part of our team.


Welcome, Joshua!

09/18/2017 3:27:56 AM

Joshua Martinez is one of our summer call center interns. This well-grounded Communications and Spanish student is a vital part of our team.


Welcome Back Veronica!

09/18/2017 3:34:45 AM

Veronica Martinez is back with Families Empowered for a second summer working in our call center. This future engineer is ready to make her mark on the world and is starting here with us.


Meet Teresa!

09/18/2017 3:47:01 AM

Teresa Martinez is one of our summer call center interns. An engineer by schooling, Teresa is glad to join her older sister Veronica at Families Empowered for the summer.


Greetings to Leo!

09/18/2017 4:06:38 AM

Leonardo Artiga is one of summer call center interns. A Marketing major with a heart for people, Leo is enjoying getting to meet people as a welcome part of our team.


Introducing Estefani!

09/18/2017 4:11:50 AM

Estefani Olguin-Castillo is one of our summer call center interns. This future lawyer is excited to use her position and education to improve peoples’ lives, starting here at Families Empowered.


Welcome, Brandon!

09/18/2017 4:25:20 AM

Brandon Olvera is one of our summer call center interns. This business student with a heart for education is lending his talents to us for the summer and we’re glad to have him!


Shout Out to Gabrielle!

09/18/2017 4:32:02 AM

Gabrielle McNutt is one of our summer call center interns. This Marketing student is a staunch supporter of school choice, and we’re glad to welcome her to our team for the summer!


Meet Perla!

09/18/2017 4:38:24 AM

Perla Licona is one of our summer call center interns. Her love for education and passion for people make her an important part of our team.


Empowered Family: Williams

09/18/2017 4:46:23 AM

Rosezina William’s journey through school choice, finding great schools for her children, and becoming an empowered parent advocate.

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Greetings to Juana!

09/18/2017 4:58:13 AM

Juana Granados is one of our summer call center interns. This community-minded future real-estate mogul is glad to be here with us for the summer.


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