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Our Mission and Impact

We believe that every child should have access to an excellent education, regardless of income.

Families Empowered is a nonprofit organization founded to support the escalating number of families searching for a great school for their child.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower families to engage in a marketplace of schools — that is, to understand their school options and choose the right school for their child.


We do this by providing families with tools and resources for selecting a school and helping them navigate the application process to get there.


We do not advocate for any one schooling option over the other.


We want families to know that when it comes to selecting a school, you have a voice in the choice.


Our Vision

One day, all families will have the ability to choose a high quality school, so that all students achieve their full potential.

Our Impact

Read more about Families Empowered’s work in our annual report: End The Wait.


There aren’t enough seats in those high-performing schools to meet the demand of parents, who are actively looking for options for their student.

By donating to Families Empowered’s Mission Fund, you can help waitlisted students access their school options. For more information, call 713-589-8767.

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