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Targeted marketing to active consumers.

Looking for more students?

As a not-for-profit organization, Families Empowered connects parents to diverse school options so that they can choose the best-fit school for their children.

We provide strategic support to all types of school models, via Data Service campaigns and School Connection Fairs

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What is a Data Service campaign?
Families Empowered is your key to finding parents in search of school options for their children.


By working with Families Empowered, you can access thousands of parents who are actively looking for a school.

Create and target your message to the right consumers, so that you find the best leads for your campus. We use demographics and our unique knowledge of the families we serve to find parents who would be interested in your unique school.

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Personal phone calls to our families, promoting your campus. Our team will reach out on your behalf, and inform parents of open seats at your campus.


We can autodial our list of parents to blast out campus recruitment information. In the week prior to campus event or deadlines, we can issue a robocall to a targeted audience in our database to notify these parents about the event.


Let us send emails about application deadlines, recruitment events, and open seats to families who specifically fit your campus’ target grade level or neighborhoods.


Free posts for school partners!

Share strategic messages on our social media channels promoting your campus enrollment, application details, Open Houses or other important dates. We can strategically boost the reach of your content throughout the year, so that it reaches more parents.


With our unique position in the school choice marketplace, Families Empowered can help your new or expanding school gain insight into the market place. Contact us to discuss our services for new and expanding schools.

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