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Keep Learning,

San Antonio.

Progress is happening in San Antonio’s schools, but there’s more to do

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Families Empowered San Antonio Campaign for Change

San Antonio is a vibrant community, with a rich cultural heritage, and an amazing place to call home.

Good things are happening in classrooms across our city. New schools are being created. Innovative school models, like district-charter partnerships, are emerging. Parents have more options and more choices than ever before.

At Families Empowered, we work to connect parents to the schools that are right for them, because we believe every child – no matter their zip code – deserves access to a great school. We believe, at our core, that we need to cut through the noise to ensure that the needs of kids and families should come first.

In San Antonio schools, we’re making strides – but we have more to do. We need to continue to bring change in educational policymaking, and we need to keep moving forward into the future, so classrooms across the city can keep nurturing the curiosity that is innate in all of our kids.

The more we innovate on educational policy, the more dynamic our schools will be. That’s why we need to keep changing, continue to try new things, and give our kids the 21st century skills they need in changing world.

San Antonio needs to keep moving forward, so that nothing holds our kids back.

Keep Learning, San Antonio: The Case to Do More

Demand for more options for San Antonio families is high; read Families Empowered’s latest report.

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