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Back to basics: finding a classical fit

San Antonio Professor: “Information is key for education and any decision.”

09/06/2018 4:48:16 PM


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As a professor of Modern Languages and Literatures at Trinity University in San Antonio, Carlos X. Ardavin-Trabanco, Ph.D. considers a love of learning and intellectual curiosity to be a life-long gift.

And just like every other parent, Carlos hoped to find a school that could give that gift to his son: a school which would cater to his love of literature and build his sense of wonder.

When he discovered Great Hearts Academies, he knew he had found the right fit.

“I wanted my son to be exposed to a certain curriculum focused on a classical education and the Great Books,” said Carlos. “I hope that Great Hearts will help him to develop good habits and discipline, while also becoming a good critical thinker and reader.”

Great Hearts, a non-profit network of public charter schools in San Antonio, offers families curriculum built on a classical liberal arts tradition. In this school, students study Humane Letters, Latin and Western Humanities, Rhetoric and Composition, and Music and Poetry. They equip students to become leaders capable of success throughout their higher education.

With this foundation, Carlos knew his ninth-grade son would be prepared for college.

As more parents in San Antonio seek choices in education, the demand for schools offering parents alternatives has skyrocketed. A recent report released by Families Empowered points to almost 40,000 applications to public charter schools in San Antonio for the 2017/18 school year. Public charter schools unable to meet the demand are forced to wait-list the students by the thousands.

Carlos and his son were one of the more than 141,000 families across Texas waitlisted by a public charter school. Through a summer on the waiting list, Carlos lost all hope for his son to find placement for the coming school year.

Yet in the first week of August, Carlos received an email inviting him to enroll. The family was thrilled to learn their son would be able to access the opportunity Great Hearts schools offered.

Carlos noted that being a parent has its challenges, especially when you may not have access to the resources to inform your decisions.

“Information is key for education and any decision,” said Carlos. “Parents should get as much information as possible to be better in parenting and guiding the future for their children.”

He credits Families Empowered for helping him find the right school that will challenge and help his son grow.

“I have lived in San Antonio for twenty years and it was great to receive guidance from Families Empowered,” said Carlos. “The work you do is beneficial to many families that don’t know there are resources out there.”



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