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Parent Story: Abigail Saucedo

Advocating For Others

09/14/2017 8:11:01 AM

Before winning the lottery, Abigail Saucedo felt like just another number on the waitlist.

Abigail was one of tens of thousands of Houston parents applying for a seat in a public charter school. For lack of room, her son Ayden was placed on a wait list.

In Texas, families searching for a seat in a high-performing charter school face a blind lottery in order to get a seat. However, it’s a lottery in which not every child wins. Each year these schools are forced to waitlist thousands of children for lack of room to meet the demand coming from parents looking for school options.

After three years of applying and waiting, Ayden’s application was selected in the lottery. This year he will enroll start at KIPP Legacy as a fourth grader. His sister, Jaslyn, is currently enrolled at the same school for Pre-K3.

KIPP Legacy is located in Northeast Houston. In order for her children to attend the school of her choice, Abigail makes a long, daily sacrifice.

 “I’m a working mom, and I have to make the 40-minute drive to take Jaslyn to school, and it’ll be the same thing with Ayden,” she said.

Today, Abigail is active in school choice movement to help more families like hers access high-quality school options. Ideally, near their own home. She plans to testify at the Capitol in support of the facilities funding bill, otherwise known as Senate Bill 457. More information about the bill can be found here.

“The reason why I’m doing this is because we need more choices,” she explained. We need to expand.”

Access to more school choices – including options for Houston’s many suburbs, such as near Abigail’s home in Channelview – would help even more students like Ayden and Jaslyn end up in the schools that are the right fit.

 For now, Abigail’s students have found their right fit at KIPP Legacy. She just hopes that by voicing her support for school choice, more parents have the opportunity to find great schools for their kids.

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